a few updates

It’s a special day, with lots of goodies to share.

1. First, I’d like to say happy book day to my latest novella, At The Water’s Edge. It is officially for sale in at least two stores, Smashwords and Barnes and Noble for only $1.99 (links are updated on my books page). It’s earlier than I had planned, but everything fell into place for an early release. Release dates in my case are often projected further out than is likely to be necessary, so that if something dreadful would arise to slow it down, I can still make the projected deadline.

Also, editing on this one wasn’t what I had hoped. It seems everyone is rushed this spring and doesn’t have time to do a thorough job. I ended up having to comb through it myself for the most part, but as the author, I’m not likely to see little things. In light of that, I’m offering a free ebook copy of any of my other books to the first five readers who report their feedback directly to me via the email link on my website. I don’t think there will be more than a couple of typos, but I want to hear about it directly so I can fix anything ASAP.

Thank you!

2. The full paperback cover for Forever Dark has been posted to my site, but here it is in all it’s glory:

If my editors aren’t too busy, I hope to have this one out in time for your summer reading pleasure. The paperback will be $9.99 and the ebook will be $3.99.

3.  I’ve started a new project now and can only say that it’s YA paranormal romance. I guess I can give another hint; writing Origins of Dark Angel polished up my style of writing for this one. I’ll reveal more sometime this summer, when I hope to be past the halfway point. (If I don’t get stuck at the 30,000 word point, I know I can keep it going. That’s my make or break point in writing.)

4. If you love otherworld science fiction, I highly recommend A Princess of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs. And go see John Carter afterwards. It’s a rewarding experience. I almost gave up on APOM about halfway through, but then my husband said it got better right after that point so I continued and I’m glad I did. It turned into a satisfying read. And the movie is a lot of fun. You can pick up the whole Barsoom series for as little as $.99 as an ebook. That’s my pleasure reading of choice lately.

5. I have my first school speaking engagement in a week at a local middle school. I’m looking forward to that. Thanks, Janet, for inviting me! I’m sure it will be fun.

6. I was invited to a new convention called UtopYA to take place in Tennessee the first weekend of July. I wish I could go, but that’s a long way for me and I have other commitments closer to home that I wish to keep. But if you’re interested, you can learn more at http://utopyacon.wordpress.com/.

7. (Because seven is a lucky number in many cultures, I had to have a seven here while I was going strong.) Thank you for all the wonderful fans out there who make every day special by reminding me that what I do is worthwhile. I couldn’t continue without your support. Don’t ever be shy about contacting me, whether on one of my two Facebook pages, the Starfire Angels page or my author page, by email (listed on my website), through Goodreads, or by posting to this blog. I love hearing from you!

ps–I’ll have a new cover for Tiger Born to share soon!

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