a snapshot of the writing process

From my personal FB page last night:

Watch the bonus features on the Brave DVD/Blu-Ray, especially when they talk about why they took out scenes or didn’t put them in but came up with loads of ideas…THAT is what happens during any writing process and editing. There is always a little trial and error to find the right combination that works to write the best scenes to show who your characters are while not including a bog of narrative to explain things. It’s a delicate balancing act as well as a creative nightmare to figure out exactly what a scene needs to move the story forward. I love the challenge, though!

…Today, I removed from DA2 (cut and copied from the main document to my deleted scenes document for this particular work) the first two chapters I had written. Now the story begins with the new scene I just finished yesterday. Bingo! THAT is what this story needed. NOW the opening is interesting and the plot begins in chapter one…As I said above, always a trial and error. Now I have more focus on the real story that wants to come out (or so it seems for now).

Remember that no writing is wasted. I developed a new character in those deleted scenes and know something about him; but this is Nadia’s story, so I really needed to start with her. I didn’t know what to do at the time, so I just wrote to get started. After going back to my inspiration for the Demon Age novels, the right ideas came. Sometimes waking up my muse is a hefty affair.

Okay, now you know. This is just a part of my writing process.

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