Legend of the White Dragon update

If you’re not on my Facebook author page, this will probably be the first you’re hearing of this. I tend to post news there first.

For a long time I debated publishing the epic fantasy Legend of the White Dragon series under my initials, M. A. Nilles, like I’ve done with Tiger Born. Actually, I even considered it before I ever published the individual books in this series. Well, it’s happening now. You’ll notice that on Amazon and Barnes and Noble, I list both names as the author. This is so that my fans can find it, but I also want to make it more clear that these are nothing like the Starfire Angels books; rather, they are aimed at adult audiences, like Tiger Born and more heavy in action and fantasy elements and far from romantic.

(The change is also made at Smashwords, so it will take time to propagate to the other retailers.)

I’ve been hurt in reviews of the books for those reasons and I decided it was time to make a change. Since I am having new covers designed for the three individual ebooks of the series, this was the right time. I’ve already gone ahead and updated the omnibus cover and the cover of Fireblood.

Over the next few months, you’ll see exciting new artwork for Legends, Legacies, and Destiny ebooks. I can’t wait to see them myself! The artist working on it is very talented, but that’s a secret until we’re ready to reveal his work.

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6 Responses to Legend of the White Dragon update

  1. D. Moonfire says:

    Oh, I can’t wait. I thought the newest cover for Blood was fantastic. And I love seeing new covers (just because).

  2. Melanie says:

    Blood? Do you mean the newest cover for Starfire Angels? or is Blood someone else’s book that got a makeover?

    I love getting new covers, at least when I think my books need them, like the three white dragon books do.

  3. D. Moonfire says:

    Sorry, brain fart. I accidentally replaced “Blood” with “Born” and forgot the whole “Tiger” bit. So, I *meant* to say “Tiger Born”.

  4. Melanie says:

    No problem. That makes more sense.

  5. amber cumberledge says:

    im confused. i bought legend of the white dragon legends, legacies, and destiny, i also bought fireblood. i started reading the trilogy but the opening pages talked of events that made it seem to me there was a book before these so i thought fireblood must be the first. i read it then started the trilogy only to realize fireblood was the last. is there a book that comes before the legends, legacies, and destiny trilogy? if so i’d love to know so i can read up on the back story before going any further in the trilogy. thanks a bunch :)

  6. Melanie says:


    There was a book, but it was so poorly edited by the publisher that I summarized it and inserted that summary in the opening for the rest of Legend of the White Dragon. I’m sorry for any confusion. Although I now have the rights back to the first book, I haven’t had enough interest to want to take on rewriting it to the degree that it needs.

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