Updatery (much ado about my writing plans)

I do this once in a while. I suppose I could call it a newsletter, like some authors do, but I have to post while stuff is on my mind and not wait, or I lose it. I’m a little absent-minded; now you know. On to the updates…

1. I have copies of Tiger Born ready to go out to winners of my Goodreads giveaway. These are freshly updated with some minor issues fixed. Congratulations to the five winners! Books will go out in the mail by Saturday, December 1 (tomorrow).

2. Since I am writing the second book in the Demon Age series, Tiger Born (Book 1), is going to free as an ebook. It’s already free on Smashwords and Apple. It will eventually reach Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and Amazon. However, it won’t last! Grab it while you can, if dark and different is your taste in fantasy.

3. In more Demon Age news, I am working on the second book of the series. I hope to reach 30,000 words by mid-December, and at the rate I’m going, it is doable. However, the pace of writing ebbs and flows like the tides of the ocean. Sometimes the ideas spring forth faster than the fingers fly over the keyboard or the time one has to sit at the keyboard. Sometimes the ideas decide to go elsewhere and the story ship can barely float much less sail. I just keep writing to keep it going until the tide rolls back in, and sometimes in that struggle period is when the best ideas come, so one never knows. I just keep writing.

Right now, I do have a title in mind, but with only 16,000 words of the story written, there are still many possibilities. For now, I’m considering calling Demon Age Book 2 Spirit Blade, but don’t get that too fixated in your mind. Things can change, although with that being stuck in my mind, it is providing a focus for me to keep the story on track. This idea was hinted at the end of Tiger Born.

4. I have seen review comments and received emails requesting more from At The Water’s Edge. I did have a trilogy of novellas in mind since writing that and the second book is outlined. I plan to start that after finishing the first draft of my current WIP (DA2), but sometimes the muse doesn’t play fair and shoves something else into my face when I least expect it.

I am calling this trilogy simply the Adronis Trilogy, since it focuses on events concerning the underwater city of Adronis. I plan to keep these novellas focused on the lives of Sara and Darian. Down the road, I might expand it, but it depends on how I feel in a couple of years. These are my attempt at romance more than science fiction and are different for me to write; but I like to try new things.

I have a title in mind for Adronis #2, but as with DA2, that could change, especially since I haven’t even started the first draft. I’ll reserve revealing my idea until that time. Since these are novellas of about 30,000 words, I might just continue on to write the third. It’ll by next spring by the time that happens, so anything is possible, except I’m also anxious to get to work on SA: Revelations #2.

5.  Soriel (Starfire Angels: Revelations Book 1) is with several readers right now for the final stage of the editing process. I hope to jump back into that in mid-December, which is why I want to be at 30K on DA2 by then. It’s good to be that far into a story, at least for me, before putting it aside for any reason, because the story is established well enough that I know where it’s going and don’t end up starting over, like I did after the last round of editing on Soriel. I figure it’ll take me at least through Christmas to finish final edits. I’m pushing to release this right after the holidays so the rest of you eagerly waiting to read it can buy it with those gift certificates you’ll probably get for Christmas ;)

The paperbacks will take a while longer to format and print, but I plan to have those ready by February, as my original release date forecasted.

6. Remember–Soriel Release Party all of January 2013! Mark your calendars and follow this blog, join the Goodreads event, or join the Facebook event, and/or the Facebook Starfire Angels page to follow what I have planned in celebration of the latest Starfire Angels release, the first of a new series! I’m excited by the prospects.

7. In light of all the series I have going right now, I won’t be focusing on any one series at a time. Rather, my plan is to jump around so that each series has a regular schedule. In 2013, I plan to release Soriel, Spirit Blade (tentative title), and Adronis #2. In 2014, I plan to release SA: Revelations #2 (Leksel and Korali’s story, which isn’t titled yet but is outlined) and Adronis #3 (if I don’t push that out in 2013); and in 2015, SA: Revelations #3, which will be the story of Valdas discovering what her empress Marin really is, with SA: Revelations #4 in 2016, when the apocalypse comes.

Beyond striving for one Starfire Angels book a year, I can’t really say what else I’ll do. I’d like to get out one Demon Age a year until I feel that series is done, and I do have ideas beyond #2. I also have plans for other books, some of them outlined. The ideas never stop, it’s just a matter of figuring out what I’m in the mood to write at the time I have to choose. I can only work on one project at a time in the first drafting stage. I have another idea for a young adult trilogy I very much want to write, but I’d like to wait until I can focus entirely on doing that all at once, which will be a couple of years.

8. None of the forecasts are set in stone, because anything can happen between now and the future. I’m doing what I can to keep the imagination going full steam ahead and appreciate all your support. As you can tell, I listen to my readers. The best part is the freedom I have to give you more of what you want. I’m having a blast working for you!

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