Starfire Angels to be at least 9 books!

I just realized in chatting with a fan that Soriel will be #6 in the major series, seven if you count When Angels Cry. And I know I’ve mentioned it in previous posts, but it never really hit me, until I thought of it like this.

Here’s the series so far…

Dark Angel Chronicles:

#1 Starfire Angels

#2 Broken Wings

#3 Crystal Tomb

3.5 Origins of Dark Angel

#4 Forever Dark

DAC prequel novella: When Angels Cry


#1 Soriel (early 2013)

#2-4 untitled and unwritten (2014-2016 tentatively)

That’s a total of ten, yes 10 books, 9 novels! I can’t believe how you’ve all supported this series to warrant so many books. And even after Revelations sees us through the apocalypse, I can still go back and write other books in different times and different worlds. There’s a lot of potential to continue.

Thank you for all your support! I love these books even beyond Raea and Elis. I hope you do too.

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