New covers for Adronis Novellas

I had a heck of a time figuring out how to give At The Water’s Edge a proper life. It is my only true romance story so far, a first attempt. However, the cover didn’t show that. I was itching for a new cover and tried several ideas as I’ve seen of other romance ebooks, but none of them were quite right for this little novella, which has a sequel coming in a couple of months.

However, with persistence, a lot of searching and downloading of stock images, learning more about Photoshop, and a LOT of time, I finally put something together that says it all. At least, I think it does. Feel free to share your opinions.

Original cover:


New cover:


And the new cover for Beneath the Crashing Waves (Adronis Novella #2):

Not a big difference for that, but the images are now a little different in style. I made all three of these covers and am learning as I go. I think I’m improving. They may not be perfect, but I they should now say “Romance” and yet hint of the extraordinary setting that is Adronis.

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