a big THANK YOU!

It has been a big month for me and it’s coming to a close with a new beginning. That is, all the work has been done and the book is out. The work on Soriel is done and now I can begin anew on the next project. Soriel is also the first of a new chapter on the Starfire Angels series. And with the way I’ve been putting new covers on a few of my ebooks, I can say it’s time for a new beginning all around.

I want to thank all who have participated and who have told and continue to enthusiastically tell others about my books. I do what I can with marketing, but your support is what truly keeps me going. I will continue to say thank you over and over, because there are always new people to thank and I want you all to know how grateful I am for you, the opportunities to reach you with my writing that this technology allows, and for the years I spent learning the craft to develop this talent. I am truly blessed, and not a day goes by that I don’t give thanks to God for guiding my life to this. (Yes, I am a Christian woman and believe that, while we are responsible for our own lives and choices, God has a plan for each of us and puts challenges in our way to help us grow. Our choices determine how we grow.)

This whole month has been a challenge around all the work that has occupied me, but I promise there will be far more to come.

Let’s celebrate the start of a new stage, not only of the Starfire Angels series, but also of so many new opportunities, personalities, and changes that will come our way. Welcome to my worlds!

In gratitude for all of this, I would like to give away the ultimate Starfire Angels prize package to one lucky winner who comments on this post. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve already won or not. EVERYONE is allowed the chance to win.

The package includes the following: 1) a full set of all available Starfire Angels signed paperbacks from Starfire Angels through Soriel and including Metamorphosis, so you get When Angels Cry too; 2) a “Team Elis” tee shirt from my zazzle store (sizes run one smaller than what you would normally wear, as I discovered–I gave mine away to a friend since it was just a little too small); 3) a Starfire Crystal gift bag; 4) A Soriel poster; and 5) a Soriel magnet (4″x6″).

Comment on this post before Friday, Feb. 1!

ps–I also have a giveaway on Goodreads for signed paperbacks of Soriel–http://www.goodreads.com/giveaway/show/41430-soriel. Giveaway ends ten days from this post (Feb. 10 at midnight).

pps–Another chance to win a signed paperback of Soriel: Leave reviews for it on every site you can and email me to let me know where. I will put your name in for each review that goes up!

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