Updates and good things

It’s been a while since I summarized a lot of things at once, so here goes…

1. Thank you for all the participation in the month of January to herald the release of the latest Starfire Angels novel, SORIEL. It was fabulous reading all your comments and playing the games on the Facebook page. I hope everyone had as much fun as I did and that you’re all now enjoying the book. Congratulations to all the winners of the many prizes given away!

2. Soriel is now available in all its forms–ebooks and paperbacks. As of this post, it still hasn’t shown up at a few retailers, but most of them now have the ebook listed.

3. There is less than a week to enter the Goodreads giveaway of twenty signed paperbacks of Soriel. http://www.goodreads.com/giveaway/show/41430-soriel.

4. One other opportunity to win signed copies is to post reviews wherever you can, then email me the places and dates of (or your sign-in name attached to) the reviews. For each review posted on Soriel before Valentine’s Day, I will put your name in the drawing.

5. I am planning to have the sequel to At The Water’s Edge available by April 2013. (less than two months away!) Beneath the Crashing Waves needs editing yet, which is why I’m giving a lead time. I always take a break between finishing a project and the final edits so that 1) my editorial assistants have time to do their work on it and 2) I have time to put the final polish on it. You can’t rush editing.

6. Something non-writing related: my horse has had problems the last couple of months because of his allergies and a twisted sacroiliac joint. Swapping his stall for a runout pen (he can’t be in the pasture due to the round bales fed there) has resolved the allergy issue (unseen mold in the barn). But then he also encountered back troubles, and we have no idea what he did, just that he twisted the SI joint so that it was likely pinching a nerve. Luckily, my chiropractor (a human chiropractor who also works on horses) knows his stuff and, after several adjustments, was able to fix my boy’s problems. Just like with humans, it sometimes takes a while for an animal to find complete relief. There will be follow-ups; you can be sure.

Up until two months ago, his problems had all been tiny adjustments in his neck and lumbar back. Now, we’ve found exercises to help the muscles in those regions hold them in place better. I am also learning the Masterson Method, along with my riding instructor. It looks promising for letting the joints find their own range of motion by releasing tension in the muscles. I think this will help a lot.

In the meantime, I’m hoping my horse and I can finally get back on track with our training. He’s had a break for most of the last two months but it wasn’t all fun and games for him–he was sore. There’s something magical about trusting a 16 hand, 1100+ pound animal to obey the lightest shift of weight or touch of the reins or leg that leaves you empty when you can’t experience it. My horse is my dancing partner and I don’t need wings to soar when we’re working together in harmony.

7. If you want to keep up more frequently on my books and such, you can follow my posts on Facebook at my author page–facebook.com/melanienilles–or the Starfire Angels series page–facebook.com/starfireangels. (As for my personal listing, I only friend people I know from somewhere else.)

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