A short interlude–Deception

A novelette of about 14,000 words, this mini adventure featuring Agents Coulter and Cross takes place immediately after the events in Soriel, which is why this one bears the designation of Starfire Angels: Revelations 1.5.  Because of its short length, Deception will only be available as an ebook for the minimum price of $0.99. Coming later this spring, 2013!


Coulter is supposed to be an agent working with Anita Cross to observe the Inari on Earth, but he reveals a different side following the battle at NeoGen Labs. When he takes her prisoner with the Shirukan escaping to the stars, she realizes that the alien in their agency might have been deceiving them all along, waiting for the opportune time to return to his former loyalties. One wrong move could mean the downfall of Earth, but Anita will do all she can to protect her world and learn the truth behind Coulter’s deception.

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