a few little updates

First off, I’m working furiously on editing Beneath the Crashing Waves (Adronis #2) for release by mid-March. It received major surgery to kill off about 2,000 words that only cluttered the story and created a confusion of meaning. Now, a much cleaner manuscript is with one of my editors. At a little over 30,000 words, this will be about the same length as the first Adronis novella, At The Water’s Edge. BTCW will be priced at $2.99 as an ebook and $4.99, like ATWE, as a paperback exclusively from Amazon.com.

Deception (Starfire Angels: Revelations #1.5) has started something spectacular! It has provided a stepping stone for a new second book of the Revelations series that I wasn’t expecting. What has happened is that Agent Coulter has inspired me with his unique charm. A Shirukan turned special agent for a secret U.S. agency monitoring the Inari on Earth, he has his own dark past that he still hasn’t shared with me but which I intend to dig up. A fascinating character rich with possibilities is always an inspiration. I MUST know what he’s hiding!

This isn’t going to change things, but the stories of Soriel, Deception, and what comes next will all follow right on the tails of each other and overlap with Forever Dark (Starfire Angels: Dark Angel Chronicles Book 4). How’s that for complex ;) It’s not complicated since these are different characters in their own situations, but there will be some crossover of events.

Oh, and Nare will finally play a major part in Revelations #2, kind of, maybe as the main character or one of them.

Excited is hardly adequate to describe what I feel!

Look for Deception at the end of May 2013 as an ebook only. By then, I hope to have a title on Revelations #2.

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