a few updates

I hope you’re all adjusting to losing an hour.


With that out of the way, on with the updates…

1. At The Water’s Edge is currently free everywhere. Last week, it moved up as high as #72 in the whole Romance category in the Apple iBookstore. This weekend, it went free on Amazon and is doing well there. It’s also free on Kobo, Sony, and BN.com but it won’t stay free for long.

2. Beneath the Crashing Waves is available at Smashwords, Amazon, and  BarnesandNoble.com.

3. I decided to jump into working on Starfire Angels: Revelations Book 2 after an idea sparked from writing Deception (coming in May 2013), which is a short story taking place right after the action at NeoGen Labs at the end of Soriel (Starfire Angels: Revelations Book 1) and leads into the opening of Book 2. Book 2 now has at least a working title–Phantoms. With luck, Phantoms will be out before Christmas and I will be using the same cover image with a few small differences, besides the title.

4. My oldest daughter and I will be working on a collaborative project this summer with magic and shapeshifters. She’s only nine and has big ideas but she is only learning about the elements of writing and story structure, so I’ll be doing the writing. We’re working on the details of the story so I can start writing when I finish the first draft of Phantoms, hopefully before school gets out. This will be a summer project for us. I might seek a traditional publisher on this, because it will be a middle grade novel, but that would delay a release. If I self-publish, it will be available by next spring.

I would likely put the royalties into a college fund for her. She’s a bright girl and a VERY advanced reader. She’s been asking me to write a book she can read. I won’t let her read my other books, since I feel that she’s too young. Then she wants to do something with mom, so I think this will be good for her.

5. I have two sick cats. One was already back to normal with the first antibiotic treatment, but the other isn’t doing as well. They have different illnesses. Just like seeing your kids sick, having sick pets is as hard on a caretaker. We love them all.

6. I will be at Fargo Corecon (in Moorhead, MN) May 3-5 and plan on attending ValleyCon (in Fargo, ND) in the fall. I’ll be hosting different panels at each and selling my books. I wish I could afford to make the trip to UtopYA this year, but self-employment taxes suck (at least 30% of income). Maybe next year.

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