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Good news! Beneath the Crashing Waves is finally going out to Apple and a few other retailers. If you’ve been waiting on it, I thank you for your patience. It should appear at Apple by the end of this week, but don’t quote me on that. I don’t actually have that control but am basing the assumption on past experience.

The holdup on this was the new Word program tossing in all sorts of garbage code that messed up the file. If for no other reason, I’m glad I discovered the problems on this, a novella, rather than a full novel. Now I know and will be prepared on future works.

In other news, work is progressing more slowly on Phantoms, but I’ve also forced myself out of where I was on it to expand to another set of characters. This has actually helped me tremendously to get a broader view of the story. I was too narrowly focused to see the full picture. It was like looking out a frosted windshield when the defroster has only managed to melt away a few small places so that you can’t yet drive anywhere unless you want to risk getting into an accident. (Those who live in colder climes will understand.) That is exactly what it was like. I was heading into a bad situation if I stayed too narrowly focused. This has cleared away the frost and revealed what the full potential of the story can be. In the process, I deleted a whole chapter with some good points to it, but I won’t mourn it. It gave me ideas that I can apply elsewhere. Such is the writing process for me.

Last of all, signed copies of At The Water’s Edge are ready to go out to the ten winners of the Goodreads giveaway. I hope to get to the post office tomorrow. Today is blustery and cold and I’m already dreading going out to my riding lesson later. I hope the winds drop by then and feel sorry for my horse, even with his two layers of blankets. But that’s besides the point–books will go out tomorrow!

Stay warm and cozy!

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