Legend of the White Dragon prequel book is coming

I have been playing with the idea of rereleasing Dragon Prophecy (Mundania press, 2009) since reclaiming my publishing rights over a year ago. Due to other stories demanding my attention, among other factors, I have postponed it. However, with the new cover art for the Legend of the White Dragon series coming out so brilliantly, I have found an artist who can tie this in to the rest of the series as a prequel or Book 0. Dragon Prophecy was supposed to be the first book, but was summarized as the introduction of Legends.

I will be working on doing some rewriting and editing of DP and rereleasing it as simply Prophecy sometime in the next year. Prophecy will require a lot of rewriting to live up to my expectations. That was one of the reasons I never promoted it–I wasn’t happy with the version that was published. You deserve better and I will make it better. Given what I know now and how my skills have advanced, I know it will be better than the version that was published as DP. Prophecy will be rereleased under my name as M. A. Nilles, like my other LOTWD books.

Due to Phantoms taking more time than expected, I will not have as much time as I wanted for other projects and want to make this a priority for those who have enjoyed LOTWD. I feel bad about where Legends started in the midst of the action and want to reward those of you who have been patient with me and loyal readers of my works.

I can’t make any guarantees on a release date, but I hope to have Prophecy available with a cover by Paul Davies, who is now working on the new cover for Destiny, around January 2014. I hope to have a cover reveal for Prophecy in time for Christmas.

Look for the new cover of Destiny this summer.

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