Secret Project Reveal WITH COVER!

shards880Tada! I mentioned it as a secret project a few times on Facebook, but was waiting for the right time to reveal it here for when I had something substantial. All I can say is that this will be a novella taking place between parts 1 and 2 of Phantoms this fall.

Here’s the plan: I hope to have Part 1 of Phantoms out by the end of August, then this story–Shards–around late September/early October with Part 2 of Phantoms by the end of October with the full ebook of Phantoms (parts 1 and two together) around the same time. The paperback of Phantoms will be out soon after the ebook.

Because of its short length, Shards will only be available as an ebook, but you don’t want to miss it! Trust me on this. Fans have been asking for more about this character and I’m giving it plus MUCH more! Forbidden love and a twist you won’t see coming will be told from this beloved character’s point of view. Yes, it will be first person narrative.

I’m still writing it, so I don’t have a summary yet. The price will likely be $1.99 as an ebook.

I had to write this one before finishing Phantoms and it’s perfect that it will fall between the releases of both parts of that, since that’s when it takes place while also setting up what I have in mind for Revelations book 3 to come.

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