A few things happening…

1. Goodreads giveaway! I have listed a full Dark Angel Chronicles set under the first book, Starfire Angels, as a summer giveaway on Goodreads here: http://www.goodreads.com/giveaway/show/54843-starfire-angels. All five books signed and sent by me. Sorry, U.S. addresses only. (Shipping overseas is pricey on that many books.)

2. Shards is finished in first draft stage at 29,000 words. I completed that about a week ago.

Before meeting Keeper Korali, I was Commander Rajeun Leksel, one of the best of the Shirat Empire’s elite soldiers, a Keeper killer. My beloved changed me in her life and in her death, but even she wasn’t aware of the dark secret lurking inside. Now, I must confront that secret, even if it breaks me. If I fail, I risk a final rest with my beloved in death. If I succeed, I gain the potential to lead my world from darkness.  The choice is mine.

3. Back to work on Phantoms part 2. It’s not an easy story to tell, but it will be interesting with some major revelations coming about the Shirukan. Actually, in thinking about it, most of Revelations is about the Shirukan and not so much about Keepers. Right now, I guess that’s what interests me most and keeps me going.

4. So far, so good with my horse. He’s working in a full-cheek indoors and right now, I’m only trusting him with the pelham outdoors, for my safety. He’s also been having fun getting turned out in the bigger outdoor arena, but he pushes himself. When he extends past his usual limits, he ends up putting his back out. On the one hand, he needs to do that to build up the muscles that will hold his spine in place better, but on the other, in getting to that point, he needs frequent chiropractic work. But he’s gorgeous when he extends to his limits! I wish I had a video. He might not be an elite warmblood (*snort* like I have that kind of money! I could barely afford him, and then only because yearlings are the cheapest age to buy.); but he does have some fantastic movement in him. I swear when he’s moving that beautifully, he’s overtracking at the trot by a good 3 feet and making it look effortless. He just doesn’t have that front-end movement that the fancy warmbloods do.

5. Depression. This is a cyclical matter anymore. Lack of sleep, dreary days, and the summer sales slump are all conspiring against me. Hopefully, the sun will stay out for many more days now, so I can get out and walk and soak it up. That will help everything for me without medication…except sales. I can’t control how my books sell. It’s the time of year. All I can do is advertise and promote and hope some of you are here because you found my books and enjoyed them. Welcome to the darker side of an author’s life :/

6. The website makeover. I have hired a designer to remake my website. Hopefully by the end of the month, it can be up and running. It’s going to be fabulous! This is another weight on my shoulders, because it costs money. I need to do it. My site is so…dull. Blech. I need something to better highlight the books than the text-heavy pages that are up now. I made the current site (the one showing on this day, 9 June 2013) with a free template. Now, I’m upping my game to a professionally-designed site. It won’t cost a fortune, but it will still be towards the upper limit of my budget. Both melanienilles.com and starfireangels.melanienilles.com will be upgraded. I can’t wait to announce the new sites!

7. Publishing schedules. I may have to make a few adjustments to when I expect different books to be out. I am pushing five books through next spring right now: Phantoms Parts 1 and 2, Shards, Prophecy, and Tiger Born. It will be keeping me terribly busy. Luckily, my kids are better able to entertain themselves this summer, so I don’t have to worry so much and can get more work done, but that doesn’t mean we won’t be doing things together, keeping me away from the computer and writing work.

I hope to get Phantoms Part 1 (exclusively on Amazon and am considering Select for this one), out in August sometime, but I won’t put it online until it’s more thoroughly edited, which could push it back to September. About a month after that, I plan to put out Shards. Probably about two months after that, Phantoms Part 2 (exclusively on Amazon) and the complete Phantoms (SA: Revelations Book 2) everwhere, along with the paperback. Hopefully, I can achieve all this before Christmas.

Shortly after that, I’d like to get out the newly edited version of Tiger Born with a new cover. You might have noticed that I have taken this off sale. My apologies to anyone who wanted to read it. While I feel the writing is stronger in this book than in any of my other books, I want to rewrite the first few chapters and the blurb to go with the new cover (by Paul Davies, who has done all three of the white dragon books).

Last of all, the true first book of the White Dragon series, Prophecy, will finally be released by late spring 2014. This is a project that has been on my mind for some time but which I have delayed because I basically have to rewrite half of it. That’s a lot of work, especially since I haven’t really done anything in the world for over five years (not counting the editing the others received before being released two years ago). My writing has changed since then and it’s going to require some work to adapt everything. Since readers have been demanding more Starfire Angels, that’s the series I’ve been focusing on.

8. Thanks for your continued support! I couldn’t continue doing this without you :)

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