Phantoms (part 1) excerpt

["Well, this is a surprise."] The familiar voice pulled her attention from the booth. Behind her stood a woman in a red uniform with dark wings and a less-than amused expression on her face. She was still there?

["Jadeen,"] Nare said.

Those sharp eyes narrowed on Daris. ["I was told to expect two Shirukan. Where's the other?"]

["Not him. They'll be here soon."]

["And why is he free?"]

The accusing tone grated on Nare’s nerves. Her blue wings tightened to her back. ["He's not one of them, and he's not injured. If you want something to do, check her."] She pointed at Anita. ["She was shot in the leg. I healed it, but you might want to take a look. She's human."]

Jadeen’s eyes lingered on Daris a second longer, but he seemed to take no offense, and then turned to Anita. ["This way."]

The medic stopped at an exam table near the wall. Anita climbed up and sat.

Content to keep her distance, Nare stayed near the isolation booth where Elis slept. The scrape of feet moving slowly accompanied the presence of another moving in close to her.
In a low voice, he said, ["She's been wanting this for years."]

A smirk twitched at her lips. Exactly what she had suspected about Anita.

She looked aside and, upon realizing how close Daris stood, forgot her dislike of Anita. His nearness scrambled her thoughts with a confusion of emotions that set her heart pounding in her chest.

After a second, Nare regained her senses to ask, ["What about you?"]

Daris held her in that easy expression and shrugged, but she swore there was more to it. Something in his eyes sparked an acute awareness of his presence, strong and assured but non-threatening. It intrigued her.


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