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I thought it might be fun to share a few things I’ve noticed lately in my life. I’m not sure if anyone is interested and I don’t like to get personal on the internet, but once in a while, things come up that I feel aren’t too personal to share with the world and might be fun to read.


Padme, traditional (unregistered) Siamese (approx. 9.8 years old)

I was inspired by my oldest cat. Typical Padme kitty was lying next to me, until a few seconds ago, snoring on one of her favorite blankets. I can’t believe she’s going to be ten years old in less than three months. Our old kitty was our first cat in the house and in the nearly eight years since we brought her home as a giveaway, she went through several years of sensitive stomach. The vet prescribed depo-medrol for it and I gave it myself (not fun giving her meds, especially a shot in the thigh) every two months, which is about how often she needed it. She hasn’t had a shot in something like six months as of this post because she’s been mostly good, except for the occasional hairball or if we forget to feed her midday. She still has a little bit of sensitivity, but it’s nothing like what it was. I’m so glad not to have to give her medication and hope her stomach stays settled.


Dargo Zaphod, registered classic Siamese (approx 2.7 years old)

My big boy kitty, Dargo, however, has developed an issue with dry cat food. When he was a kitten, he got crystals in his bladder and had to be put on Science Diet O/S from the vet. Sometime after he turned a year old, we switched him to regular food with the other cats but kept him on mostly canned food. He ballooned up to sixteen pounds at one point and I was told that canned foods are usually higher in protein and keep cats full longer. The diet worked and we got him down to about 11 1/2 pounds, where he stayed steady for over a year. When we’d go away overnight, we would leave dry food out and he’d gobble down all he could, but sometime since last Thanksgiving (he had just turned two years old), he developed problems from dry food. I’ve experimented with a couple different types, but it doesn’t matter. If Dargo gets dry food, he now gets gassy and loses his normally insatiable appetite, and he defecates outside the litterbox. If anyone has any information on this, I would certainly welcome links for research.


Suki, torbie shorthair (1 year old)

Suki is another matter. I put myself in debt to get a MacBook Pro for direct access to the Apple iTunes store for my books. In less than a week, she chewed the cable of the power adapter to where, if you bend the cord at the chew point, you can see the wire through the plastic. *sigh* She’s our trouble kitty. Weird cat but hilarious. She’ll chew toilet paper rolls sitting out but not bother them on the holder. If the kids don’t replace a roll properly but just get a new roll out, we can expect a mess in their bathroom. She’s Dargo’s “girl friend”, a buddy he can play with aggressively, whether chasing through the house or wrestling. When she’s in a play mood, we hear a trill that warns us. It never fails! And she’s crazy about the fuzzy, sparkly toy balls from the pet store. In fact, I think she’s lost them already since I gave her a pack to play with earlier this week. I almost forgot about that. I need to run to Petsmart. (Target didn’t have any on their shelves when I was there yesterday.)

And then there are the two-legged kids in the house. Thing One and Thing Two, aka Oldest (4th grader) and Youngest (1st grader). Sometimes I’m so proud of my girls I feel like shouting it to the world…because half the time they bicker and argue.

Yesterday evening they had their moments. After getting over a small meltdown by youngest at BN (where my oldest picked up the rest of the Chris D’Lacey series to read) and getting the hard book version of The Very Hungry Caterpillar (which youngest read on the way home), they were both very good at Target grocery shopping. There was some squabbling about pushing the shopping cart, but after that, those girls super surprised me.

I let them pick a summer shirt or two and they limited themselves without arguing about sticking to the special sale items and both agreed we had “enough stuff”. My jaw hit the floor. They were behaving so well (for the most part) that I told them they could have normal, plain bubbles. One caveat–if they asked for any other toys (I knew we’d find the bubbles near the toy area) they wouldn’t get anything. I never heard one request for other toys! We got bubbles and left the store without any fights or begging for anything else. Youngest even offered to help someone pick up their 12-pack of soda that fell off the bottom of their cart in the checkout lane.

*sniff* Sometimes I’m just so proud of my girls! (But they know mom and dad WILL follow through with taking stuff away or letting them have nothing–went through that earlier in the week in a MAJOR meltdown with youngest. Who knew the lesson would stick.)

A glimpse into my life. I’ll reserve horse stuff for its own updates. ;)

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