Updates and boogiemen

1. Phantoms is moving again. I had trouble with the direction the story was going, then re-evaluated why it all felt wrong. I re-assessed the purpose(s) of the story, focusing on what I wanted out of it, and that clarified everything. I knew where I went wrong and fixed the weakness that created a major plot hole…you know, one of those you-could-fly-a-star-destroyer-through-it holes? Yeah. That bad. I was using flawed logic to make the story fit what I thought it should be, but it created that big hole I just pointed out, because what I thought and what the story wanted to be created a dissonance. Somewhere in my mind, I knew it was wrong wrong WRONG and had to slow down enough to see where I took the wrong turn. That’s when I saw it and returned to fix the mistake, and with refocusing on the main goal of the characters, it’s given me the right direction. The story isn’t what I thought when I started part one, but the second part has a different purpose that fits into what was set up in part one and will carry the characters to resolve the main plot lines.

Dividing it into two distinct but connected parts fits this story perfectly, even more than I first conceived. I may even upload the first part to more than Amazon. I may include Apple and Barnes and Noble. (Smashwords won’t allow what I have planned for this story, no matter how well each part is organized into its own sub-story.) However, the first part may be pulled once the full novel is available later in the year. That hasn’t been decided yet. Releasing the first part is for those dedicated readers who have been patiently waiting for more.

And, since this second part of Phantoms will be taking longer to write, the first part won’t be available until into September. Shards and part two of Phantoms should remain on track, but that’s if no more problems arise.

2. I am very frustrated with my horse right now. I just want to cry because it seems like we will never advance with all the sacroiliac (SI) joint problems he’s had over the last eight months. I don’t know why this keeps happening, but it is very exhausting on me both emotionally and financially. I want to keep him at his best and certainly at his most comfortable, but the ongoing issue on top of everything else (allergies and always worrying about re-injury of his front suspensory ligaments or the return of ulcers) has me wondering some days why I don’t sell him and buy a new horse. The problem is that I could end up with something far worse, and I would worry about someone else not giving him what he needs. I can’t afford a second horse. Keeping him is expense enough.

Not having a horse is not an option for me. It’s not a luxury either, but a necessary part of my soul. Without a horse in my life, I am nothing. My writing comes from that bond with a special animal like him. I don’t have a horse to show off or to look important. I pay all his expenses and do all the training with him to learn all I can and experience a side of life that makes me whole. He is my personal therapist, my friend, my physical therapist, and my soul.¬†Sure, I could not have a horse, but I would be miserable.

3. I’ve been seeing a trend in searches to my website and in email questions regarding a Starfire Angels movie. I wish it was true, but at this time no one has offered me any option for that. I would love it as much as the readers, or even a tv or web series, but the books never had the surge of bestselling status that it takes to get noticed by movie execs. Getting noticed is the problem. It’s been a steady seller, but it’s that crack into bestseller lists that gets attention, not steady just out of bestsellerdom. I don’t know how to get noticed ¬†except to go to the people who make those decisions. I’m always open to ideas.

4. I’m hoping to have a new website up and running soon, but the designer hit a snag, so I’m not sure how soon. He had hoped to have it done already, but obviously that hasn’t been the case.

5. We just had one of our cats in to the vet last week and discovered she was full of sh*t, which has been fun to say for the double entendre. Fluids, laxatives, and canned food seem to have done the trick, but it hasn’t been cheap. It is worth it to see her more friendly and less jumpy. This is our youngest cat, who was getting only dry food since she didn’t seem to have any issues. I guess that hasn’t been the case. I’m sharing this as a warning to other cat-owned humans out there–dry food is not good for them. We have another cat who has developed issues with dry food. Our oldest cat is the exception, but I suspect the dry food helps soak up the acid of an overactive stomach. (She used to vomit a LOT but finally has been doing well with the right maintenance, including frequent feeding.)

This is my life. It seems like when it rains, it pours. A lot of things have been hitting at once that I’m not even talking about here, but we’re doing what we can to get through and moving ahead with life again.

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