a few updates

1. Yes, I prefer not using caps in my subject lines. That’s just me.

2. I have decided that the parts one and two of Phantoms will not be exclusive to Amazon. Since I now have direct access to upload to the Apple iTunes store, that makes four stores with direct access, and Apple is now one of the biggest ebook retailers, rivaling Barnes and Noble. So, look for Phantoms part one in September from Amazon, Apple, Barnes and Noble, and Kobo. Shards will be out at those retailers in October, and Phantoms part two will be out in November. The full Phantoms ebook will be available shortly after part two at those retailers and others (through Smashwords), and the paperback will be available in December.

3. Kitties are recovering from their digestive issues. Suki now gets a little pumpkin with each meal and the occasional Miralax in her food to keep her bowels moving. I have discovered that by keeping her feeling good (not constipated), she no longer chews up paper or power cords. This is good news for our paper towels, toilet paper, and computer power cables. Dargo has the opposite problem, but we’re managing. I’m going to try a natural GI support for cats and dogs and see if that helps. He still hasn’t recovered to the activity level he was at a year ago and he’s eating a lot but barely keeping his weight even, much less gaining. He’s not even three years old yet and he’s Siamese. He should have plenty of energy, and he used to be fat!

4. My horse is recovering still. His right sight soreness returned after a bout of exuberance that I shouldn’t have allowed. I’ve seen the same right side soreness in another horse suspected of ulcers with some positive results in treating her. These two observations give me hope that Beau will make a full recovery soon. I believe, however, that whatever was healing in him was re-injured/opened inside his hindgut with his wild play last week. He’s back on rest, twice a day of Succeed (for this week only), and probiotics, which I just added. No more playing in my presence. If he wants to do that, he can stay in his run, where he has limited movement. I’ve also ordered magnesium for him to keep him calm in this healing time, so he doesn’t go and re-injure himself again because he feels good before being fully healed. It’s hard for me to go through this, but I know it’s better for him if we take it slow. We’ll be set back more than I anticipated by these ulcer issues. The moral of this is prevention. Ulcers can cause major health issues in horses and are a real pain to treat.

5. School starts in two weeks here. My kids will be heading out the door, leaving me to get work done without interruptions from them. I count my blessings being a stay at home mom, but when you also work from home, summer vacation is a difficult time. I must admit, however, that this summer wasn’t as difficult as last summer. The kids are older and better able to entertain themselves. We also created a rule about reading and computer/game time–for every minute they read, that’s how much game time they can have, no more. It’s worked great for getting them reading. Even the first grader has been reading, but we made the rule a little more lenient for her since her books only take about five minutes to read.

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