horse frustrations

Just a quick update on Beau’s status. The ulcers seem to be healing well. He’s looking good and eating well, although he doesn’t seem to be putting on as much weight as I would expect of a horse at rest eating as much as he does.

However, he’s still sore somewhere on his right side. I’ve made an appointment with a well-respected lameness specialist, but the clinic is an eight-hour one-way drive, so it’s not like I can just hook up the trailer, load-up, and go. This takes some planning, which I’ve been doing for the last thirty hours. Only one more piece needs to fall into place to make it work and then we’re good to go.

I can’t wait to have an answer, but at the same time I’m afraid of what it might be. Until then, Beau will continue the RnR and another week of ulcer treatment.

EDIT: I hope that this is what I’ll hear–”A horse with ulcers in the right dorsal colon will be more sensitive on the right side below or around the loins and flank area and can exhibit an off beat with the right hind leg.” from

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