Phantoms revealed

phantomsp1-600pTada! Part one has a subtitle and a cover for the ebook. Granted, the cover image will be the same and only the subtitle will change for parts one and two, but this is what to look for by the end of this month at Apple, Amazon, BN, and Kobo, the only retailers where the individual two parts will become available. This first part of the story will be an ebook for $2.99.

As for the description, it could change slightly by the time the book is released, but here is what you can expect…

A shadow lurks in Corou Daris, something even darker than his past service as a Shirukan soldier. He thought he could escape it by serving the humans in watching and understanding the Inari; but when a troubling scan of Earth sends him, Nare, and Agent Cross to the Inari homeworld for an explanation, his demons arise from the ashes of the past. The last thing he wants is for Nare to see that side of him, yet the connection between them is undeniably strong. When he lets her in, she finds a truth more horrifying than anyone expects.


Part two also has a subtitle and ebook cover:

phantomsp2-600pYou’ll notice on the side bar of this blog that the front cover for the print book and the ebook of both parts as one has been updated also. Only the print version will include the Deception short story as an introduction. As ebooks, that will continue to be sold separately. Expect the ebook and print versions of Phantoms, Shadows Rising & Secret Empire (Starfire Angels: Revelations Book 2) to be available in December 2013.

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