more Phantoms updates

Are you excited? I am, and nervous and everything else that comes with launching a new book. I can hardly focus on what I’m doing.

Okay, so a couple of updates.

One is the listing for Part 1: Shadows Rising on Goodreads. You can now add it to your list and share it with friends if you want.

phantomsp2-600pThe second item I want to share is the blurb for the second part of the story. Here is the summary of Part 2: Secret Empire.

The Shirat Empire has been hiding a secret inside its soldiers, and the Red Files hold the key to its true plans. When Daris and Nare return to where an unauthorized copy of the Red Files was hidden years ago, their adventure into the dark corners of the Shirat Empire begins. However, the shadow in Daris is taking control and time is running out. Only Nare holds the power to scatter the darkness growing inside him, but it may not be enough. Still, she’s not giving up, especially since the secrets they uncover could tip the balance in a war for survival they didn’t know they were fighting.


Later today, I will be posting another excerpt, continuing where I left off last week, which is the first part of chapter 3 of Phantoms. Editing is going very well. Part one will hopefully be ready sooner than the date given on Goodreads. Part two will require a lot of work yet, but that won’t be available until November. I can’t wait to see the full book in print!

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