Phantoms is here!

phantomsp1-600pActually Part 1: Shadows Rising is available now at Amazon, Kobo, and Apple may take several days yet, but hopefully will list the book soon.

I’m editing Part 2: Secret Empire to push that out by the end of October soon after Shards, which should be available by mid-October. If that works, the complete Phantoms novel will be available in November with the paperback, earlier than I had forecast in previous posts.

These parts have an over-arcing plot but also mini-plots within each. Each also has its own voice, which is why this was the one occasion where I felt safe experimenting with releasing the book in parts, luckily only two and both at least short novels in length.

I’m releasing them in parts to a limited number of ebook stores as a gift to those who don’t want to wait for the complete edition of this second of the Revelations books. If you would rather have a complete ebook and/or paperback, you’ll only have to wait until November.

In other book news, I am working to get Deception to go free across all retailers. That will take some time and I highly recommend reading that before reading Phantoms. Not only is Deception a story unto itself, but it also introduces what comes to play in Phantoms. These books really didn’t want to do anything convenient for me!

Deception is currently free only at Apple and Kobo. It will take time for that price to be matched elsewhere.

Last of all, I have a working title for the third of the Revelations series–Nemesis–and a release date in 2015. You won’t want to miss this clash of the titans with Leksel and Valdas forced to work together to investigate the real enemy hiding within the ranks of the Shirukan. Be sure to follow this blog throughout next year for information on that and the fantasy books coming in 2014.

Thanks for reading!

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