Shards is here!

The story you wanted about Leksel is now available, and I hope you’re all as excited as I am!


Before meeting Keeper Korali, I was Commander Rajeun Leksel, one of the best of the Shirat Empire’s elite soldiers, a Keeper killer. Korali changed me in her life and in her death, but in all that we shared, even she wasn’t aware of the dark secret lurking inside me. The time has come to confront that secret, even if it breaks me.

Ebook price: $2.99

Now available at Amazon,, and Kobo with more retailers to come.

phantomsp2-600pLater this month, Phantoms Part 2: Secret Empire will be available. Shortly after, the complete Phantoms ebook and paperback will be available.

In celebration of all this at once, I would like to reward loyal readers with some goodies.

It’s easy…

1. Leave your honest reviews wherever you can, and I do mean honest–these are for readers not for me (don’t think about me but what other readers might want to know).

2. Email me with a list of places where you left them (my public email is melanie_nilles at yahoo dot com). That’s my only way to confirm your entry, especially if you post as anonymous or use a screen name not easily recognizable.

3. Each posted review will earn you one entry for a chance to win some fun prizes, from bookmarks (still have lots of Soriel and original DAC series), gifts from the Starfire Angels zazzle store (available at the “Shop” link at, and signed paperbacks of books.

I need reviews and everyone gets at least one gift as a thank you for reading.

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