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1. Phantoms, Part 2: Secret Empire is done! It feels so good to finish that. It was a lot of work. That part of the story gave me a lot of headaches, but it was worth it. Daris was an interesting character with a situation that made the whole story difficult to write, but in some ways it was derived from my own struggles with depression and medication. I don’t have a parasite inside me controlling my thoughts, but if you’ve ever contended with depression, you know it can feel like someone else is controlling your body while you are simply a passenger watching from the inside.

2. For those who don’t want to purchase the separate parts of Phantoms, you won’t be waiting long. Starting next week, the complete book will begin appearing at online retailers. Phantoms will be available as an ebook for $4.99 and as a paperback for $11.99. Only the paperback will include the short story, Deception, as an introduction. As a separate ebook, Deception is currently free at all retailers.

3. Tiger Born was taken down from sale five months ago, but it won’t stay gone much longer. With Phantoms Part 2: Secret Empire now uploaded, I am finally returning to Tiger Born for rewrites. After some negative comments consistently on the beginning of the book, I decided it would be a good idea to evaluate it and rewrite what is necessary to make it more appealing to readers. I will also be rewriting the description. And since the talented fantasy artist, Paul Davies, is now finished with the Prophecy cover, he will begin designing a new cover for Tiger Born (it’s third cover). I’m excited and I hope readers will discover the new version of Tiger Born and give it a chance where before they might have passed it up. I love this story, but I’m not going to continue writing in the world if no one is interested.

Look for the new cover sometime around the start of the new year (hopefully sooner)!

4. Once TB is done to my satisfaction, I will be moving onto rewriting portions of Prophecy. I hope to finish those before the new year. However, Because Prophecy requires extensive rewriting, I will be holding off on releasing it until edits can be done to my satisfaction, which means setting it aside for some time while I write something new.

5. I already have ideas of several projects to start and look forward to diving into something new after all this editing and rewriting of existing stories is complete. I’m debating on picking up on a new world that I left off a couple years ago, continuing with Calli’s and Jayson’s child in an extension of the LOTWD series, returning to Adronis, or looking for an entirely new idea (I have many!). All I know is that I need to take a break from the old stuff for a while.

6. I will not start writing on Nemesis (tentative title of Starfire Angels: Revelations Book 3) until at least next fall, which means you won’t see it until mid-2015 sometime. Sorry for those waiting, but I have to keep myself fresh to give you the best stories possible. I love Leksel and Valdas both and in some ways can’t wait to bring those two together for some explosive action, but at the same time, I need a break from that world to keep writing exciting for me.

I’ve written ten stories in the Starfire Angels universe in the last four years–TEN! I never expected it to go that far, but you kept asking for more. I’ll keep going back as long as you want more. The Starfire-verse I established is going to change, however, and not be the simple world it was in the Dark Angel Chronicles. To keep it interesting, it must evolve, as Phantoms has revealed.

7. Stay tuned to this blog and for updates and news. My muse can be fickle and take me on a completely different road from what I plan. Anything can change at a moment’s notice–that’s how Starfire Angels was born in the midst of writing Fireblood, which was written between Legacies and Destiny (Legend of the White Dragon).

Thanks for reading!

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