writing conflict

I need to finish Prophecy rewrites but lately my mind has been in the mood to write a dystopian novel. This creates a major conflict.

I have to finish Prophecy to make myself happy, but at the same time, I need to go with the mood of what I feel like writing. Unfortunately, I don’t have anything outlined. I also know from experience that the mood may pass and another will come at the right time. However, this particular mood has been hanging over me for a few weeks like a cloud. Sometimes it moves away and the sun shines on something else, but it’s still there on the horizon. It’s moved in again today and is hanging over me.

Do I go with that and push aside Prophecy rewrites still further? I might be able to do both if I split my time, since I already know what needs to change in Prophecy to make it better. (Long story short–I had rewritten it once to how I wanted it but lost that version and am now writing it again to what I had in that version.)

Maybe I need to pause with those rewrites and develop a new world. The crazy thing is that once I say I’m going to do something, that’s when the idea slips away. I have SO MANY ideas that they tangle together and then the jumble makes it difficult for me to sort through and I end up getting mired down rather than cruising ahead.

I guess we’ll see what happens. Thanks, Imagine Dragons for altering my course /tongue in cheek.

(I love this song and the rest of the album, which has inspired me in this dystopian idea mood…along with all my disappointment in the events of the world today.)

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