Tiger Born and Origins of Dark Angel cover reveals!

Here they are in all their wonderful glory…

Tiger Born by artist Paul Davies:



Origins of Dark Angel by artist Annette Tremblay:


It’s pure coincidence that they both have similar color schemes.

Origins is going live as I post this while I may hold off a little longer on Tiger Born.

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2 Responses to Tiger Born and Origins of Dark Angel cover reveals!

  1. Those are absolutely lovely covers. I really like the new artist you got for the fantasy side of things, but I have a soft spot for illustrations in general.

  2. Melanie says:

    Thank you. I found him through another author on kindleboards.com whose covers I liked. Cover art really needs to be hand-drawn/painted rather than photo-manipulation to do justice to the story, imho. But the photo-manip works for certain genres/settings too.

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