The Destruction of Walls


The Destruction of Walls

Forgotten Worlds : The Destruction of Walls

This will be ready for release in spring of 2020. The description is listed below:

Although sworn to protect Nya, L’Ni despises her. However, she won’t let his hatred of the An’shel or his lethal skills stop her from confronting him. She’ll find a way to break that wall, even if she has to volunteer as his punching bag, although Vel isn’t happy about that. She has little else to do while her wings recover from the damage inflicted on Kurtuz.

Or at least she thinks she doesn’t. While the Iludrin has been floating in empty, interstellar space Shen has been experimenting on the new ship, and those experiments have left them vulnerable. The crew soon discovers the extent of vulnerability when two groups of boarders are discovered on the Iludrin, each with their own purpose.

Only by joining their forces do they have a chance to strike a blow against the Issan. The key to success depends on Nya, but her success depends on L’Ni, if he can overcome his hatred of the An’shel.