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Forgotten Worlds


Book 17
Pressured by L'Ni's persistent concerns, Nya finally agrees to a medical exam. Although Nik is surprised by the findings, he's uncertain of his understanding of Inari biology. Because of fears to Nya's health and to learn what may be known of the connection between the Inari and Feri, Nya and L'Ni leave friends behind to visit Inar'Ahben in search of answers.

But threats against the Starfire still lurk on the Inari homeworld. Although the Shirukan were defeated more than ten years earlier, they are no less a threat to Crystal Keepers. No one is more aware than Leksel, but even he underestimates the determination of the remnants of the former Shirat Empire. When Nya arrives, the Shirukan see the opportunity to retake what was once theirs. They will stop at nothing to obtain a Starfire shard and complete the plans interrupted over ten years earlier.

Nya's worst nightmares become reality. Although she won't be alone against the enemy she grew up fearing, that enemy has adapted with some surprises that could destroy all hopes of stopping the Issan.